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Greg is available for interviews, as a guest speaker, or as a moderator for his signature Jeffersonian roundtables.

Talk about…

Personalized Healthcare: When Will It Be Here and What Will It Look Like?

Where Are the Wonder Drugs? How the Present Regulatory Framework is Stifling the Development of New Therapeutics

The Biotech Revolution: Its Impacts on Medicine, Business & Society

From Human Brain to Global Consciousness: The Melding of Human and Machine

What Does It Mean to Be Human? A Look into Our Biological Future

Enhancing the Human: Genomics, Science & Ethics Collide

Natural Products and Our Health: The Real Biotech Revolution

From Darwin to Destiny: The Future of Human Evolution


Speaking Enquiries: Please contact Dan Schlossberg for US, and Jakob Juhl for the rest of the world.


DS Speakers (U.S.)
781.729.2184 (office)
617.943.1250 (mobile)

CSA - Celebrity Speakers Limited, Europe/Asia (Outside U.S.)
90 High Street Burnham, Buckinghamshire SL1 7JT
United Kingdom
+376 735 174


For Literary Inquiries, contact Joseph Spieler:

The Spieler Agency
27 West 20th Street, Suite 305
NY, NY 10011