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Lectures & Keynotes


An in-demand thinker, Greg has served as a vigorous advocated and illuminating speaker for more than 20 years in over 1000 engagements with some of the world’s foremost thinkers, scientists, media personalities, and business leaders.  

  • TED – Redesigning Humans: Best Hope or Worst Fear

  • The Seoul Forum, Korea – Global Competition in Biotech & Pharma ThinkFest, Goa, India – Genetic Engineering: The Hope & Hubris of Playing God

  • Hewlett Packard (keynote) – Future Visions

  • POPTECH – Redesigning Humans

  • Medco (keynote) – The Era of Personalized Medicine

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences (Plenary Address) – Genomics Meets Reproductive Biology

  • Festival dei due Mondi, Spoleto, Italy – Biotechnology & the Human Future

  • Resilience and Innovation Summit, Havana, Cuba – Nextgen Healthcare: Implications for the Developing World

  • Johnson & Johnson (keynote) – The Future of Healthcare

  • Stanford University – From Darwin to Destiny: Redefining Humans

  • TEDMED – Afflicted by the FDA

  • Reason Foundation (keynote) -- Future Challenges in Biotechnology

  • Cato Institute (keynote) – Biotechnology, Medicine, & the Human Future

  • GlaxoSmithKline (keynote) – Risk Assessment & Genomics

  • Microsoft (keynote) – Genomics meets Reproductive Biology

  • Department of the Army Biotech Conference – Visions of the Future World


TV, Radio & Film

  • Oprah Winfrey – The Book of Questions (I hour), Love and Sex, The Book of Questions (I hour)

  • PBS with David Gergen -- Are We Playing God?

  • Larry King – The Book of Questions (I hour)

  • Belgian National Television: Technocalypse

  • Thomas Lucas Productions –The Body Electric.

  • Charlie Rose – Point Counterpoint with Francis Fukuyama

  • PBS – Uncommon Wisdom: The Challenges of Biotechnology: A debate with Leon Kass

  • BBC Science – Designer Children

  • ARTE Television – Host of special, Brave New Man

  • Fallen Angels, Umbrella Films Production

  • NPR Talk of the Nation -- Debate with Leon Kass: Bioethics and Policy

  • PBS Closer to the Truth: How Does Technology Transform Society?

  • NPR Biotech Nation with Moira Gunn -- Natural Products and the future of Pharma,

  • Discovery Science Channel -- Future Life

  • France 2 – Humans 2.0

  • FOX News – Gene Futures

  • NOVA (PBS). Cracking Your Genetic Code

  • BBC Radio. Costing the Earth: Threats to the Environment

  • CNN – Talk Back Live: Beyond the Human Genome Project

  • Talk Radio Network (with Michio Kaku) – Visions of a Universal Humanity

  • The History Channel – The Truth About Science Fiction


Dialogues & Debates

  • With Ray Kurzweil – Biotech Future vs. Human Future (Foresight Institute)

  • With Francis Fukuyama (moderated by Matt Ridley) –  The Future of Genetics – Center For Life, Commemoration  of the 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of DNA, Newcastle

  • With Robert Thurman -- Being Human in a Transformative Technological Age (Technion New Idea Salon, NY)

  • Leon Kass & Gregory Stock – The Challenges of Biotechnology (PBS)

  • With Bill McKibben (Moderated by Morton Kondracke ) – Should We Unravel the Biology of Aging? Alliance on Aging Crossroads Debate, Washington DC.

  •  With Michael West, Thomas Murray – Are We Playing God? (PBS)

  • With Jeremy Rifkin – Regulating Biotechnology (Regulatory Affairs Professional Association Annual Meeting)

  • With Jay Olshanky – Reaching For Immortality (NPR-KPCC)

  • With George Annas – Should Humanity Resist Posthuman Paths? (Yale University)

  • With Jeffry Smith – The Truth about GMO’s (Vail Idea Forum, C-SPAN)

  •  With Michael Sandel – Point Counterpoint on Human Enhancement (NPR)